HBC Foundation

What is it?

Every year the foundation awards thousands of dollars to men and women seeking a career in the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord. Since 1954, the Harrodsburg Baptist Foundation has supported full time students seeking a Christian vocation, whether it be a pastor, minister of music or youth, etc., with scholarship funds. The Foundation will support students from Kentucky attending either Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Campbellsville University, Clear Creek Bible College, or The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary/Boyce Bible College.

What do we need to do?

Students will apply each semester using the schools financial aid documents. This must be done through the University/Seminary that you attend. These must be submitted by June 1st and students awarded scholarships will be notified by August 31st. Each semester, students on scholarship will be required to confirm their full-time status with the school to receive funds.

For more information:

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