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An Update on the Worship Ministry


To begin, I want to say thank you to the entire congregation for their patience during this season of transition within the HBC Worship Ministry. As pastor of HBC, I am grateful for the many prayers you have lifted up on behalf of this church, her staff, and worship servants. As we continue to move forward, I ask that you continue to pray that God’s will be done regarding the future of our worship ministry at HBC.

The primary reason I am writing is to provide you with an update regarding this season of transition with the HBC worship ministry. I believe this season of transition has, is, and will exist in a three-phase process.

Phase 1 (May 5th-June 30th)—Triage Phase

This phase is complete. The goal of this phase was to piece together each worship experience with a group of both in-house and out-house worship leaders so that HBC was able to worship and hear the word of God.

  • This phase provided time for the Personnel Committee to identify interim leaders for both worship and choir.
  • Those interim leaders where named as Kari Moore (worship) and Debra Watts (choir).

    Phase 2 (July 1st-December 31st)—Interim Phase

    We are currently in Phase 2. The goal of this phase is to provide worship stability during the transition to a new worship pastor. During this phase the following will take place:

  • The Worship Team, which includes the praise band and worship vocalists, will be reintroduced into Sunday morning worship.
  • The HBC Choir will be re-introduced into Sunday morning worship approximately the first weekend in September after choir practice resumes on Wednesday night, August 21st.
  • HBC Kidz and HBC Pre-School choirs will resume and be reintroduced into Sunday morning worship at some point during the Fall.
  • The Personnel Committee will begin actively searching for a new worship pastor at HBC.

Phase 3 (Sometime between January and May of 2020)—The New Worship Pastor Phase

• The goal of the Personnel Committee will be to have someone in place as HBC’s new worship pastor by the Spring of 2020. Please keep the committee in your prayers.

With any season of transition, there are fears, questions, and hopes. As we transition, please do not hesitate to reach out personally to me by emailingpaul@harrodsburgbaptist.org or by calling the church office and requesting an appointment. Or, feel free to pull me aside one Sunday after church. We can set up a time for lunch and coffee.

HBC, I believe our best days are ahead as long as we seek God and his will for our church. May the Lord bless and keep you.

Dr. Paul

Leading people to the throne of grace.

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Our desire at HBC is to help everyone deepen their relationship with God, as His Spirit transforms and conforms us to be more like our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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The worship team is open to all ages and is a great way for us as a church to have a multigenerational approach to doing ministry. Below are the various ways you can serve in our worship ministry.

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