Find a small group

Below are a variety of small groups that are all intended to draw you closer to Christ through the studying of God's Word.  All of them begin at 9:45am.  Your thoughts and opinions are valued and we want to walk with you through God's beautiful revelation as found in the Bible.  At HBC, we want to promote unity in the body and spiritual growth among other believers.  There is no better way to do this than getting connected with a small group.  Find the one that is right for you!

Men's Small Groups


This class is for Men 50+ that desires to create an atmosphere that encourages men to follow Christ with their entire being. This diversified group of men use their time to discuss the passage and then seek to apply it to their lives. There is a rotation of 3 teachers so that you will receive different perspectives. This class meets in room 106B (first floor).

Men's Groups

A men's class for 20+ that dives into how their lives should imitate Christ. The focus is on applying God's Word to our lives as we live in today's culture through topical studies. The class meets in room 206 (second floor).

The Good Samaritan Class

This is a Men’s Class for 60+ that is designed to continue in our growth and our love of God. We use the Connections literature to study God’s Word, with discussion from all class members. They meet in a side room in the Fellowship Hall (first floor).

Women's Small Groups

Sisters in Christ

This is a women's class for ages 20+ designed to enrich and grow your faith and love for God. This is a curriculum-focused class that studies passages of the Bible to help you understand the larger context of Scripture and applying it to your daily life. This group meets in room 305 (third floor).

M.E.G. (Miss Emma's Girls)

The MEG Sunday School Class (ages 50+) is a diverse group of caring and sharing women who strive to mature in their faith through regular Bible study and offer support to each other, the church, and the community. They meet in room 208 (second floor).

The Welcome Class

This women's group desires to grow deeper in their knowledge of God and to do so with friends. This group is made up of women who are ages 50+ who study a topical curriculum on Sunday mornings. They meet in a side room in the Fellowship Hall (first floor).

Co-Ed Small Groups

Christian Friends

This is an intergenerational group that seeks to engage everyone in a variety of life circumstances from different perspectives. This group look at topics throughout Scripture to meet the needs of the group. They meet in room 311 (third floor).

Glad Hands

This is a group for all ages that meets in the Sanctuary that focuses on good Bible teaching and exegesis. Come join them to prepare your hearts for worship!

Young Adults

This class is a great class for couples 20's-30's who were just married and couples who are early in their walk with each other. The class takes time to help each other strengthen their faith. This group does a book-by-book study. They meet in room 302 (third floor).

Partners In Christ

A small group focused on engaging married couples in their 30's-40's who partner together to encourage and build one another up. This group uses a topical curriculum and is intentional about connecting God's Word to their daily lives. They meet in room 304 (third floor).

The C.R.E.W.

The CREW is a great place for couples in their 30's-50's who want encouragement and guidance in their walk with the Lord while pressing on in life. Their focus is on topics in Scripture and how they are practically applied to daily life. They meet in room 307 (third floor).


This is a group for senior adults. The foundation of this class is the testimonies of these individuals and couples concerning how God has lived in them and used them. Through it all they have seen God’s Faith, Hope, and Love and they continue to follow Him. They meet in room 309 (third floor).

Connect Class

The Connect Class is designed to engage young adults who are just out of college and in there 20's. Our focus is to examine, digest and apply God's Word through inductive Bible study. We are working through the Gospel of Luke verse by verse to understand it's meaning in the larger context of Scripture. We meet in one of the side rooms in the Fellowship Hall (first floor).